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Children's Dental Services

Children's Dental Services

For kids, positive early experiences at the dentist are essential for life-long dental health. At Sussex Dental Clinic, our services can be tailored to meet your child's oral health needs.

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Children's Dental Services, Sussex Dentist

Positive Early Dental Experiences

Going to the dentist as a child can be intimidating, with so many strange sights, sounds and smells to take in! And having a dentist examine your mouth can be a bit overwhelming (even for the most seasoned adult).

These early dental experiences can be formative, and follow children into adulthood. This in turn can impact how willing they are to visit the dentist routinely when they're grown.

With this in mind, the dentists and support team at Sussex Dental Clinic are committed to making children feel safe at ease during their dental appointments.

We also want to empower them to feel in control of their dental health. To this end, we provide clear, age-appropriate dental education and guidance for at-home oral hygiene routines and techniques.

All this, combined with our wide selection of dental services and treatment plans for growing smiles, means kids get off to the right start on their oral health journey.

Your Child's First Dental Visit 

You should bring your new baby to the dentist for a visit earlier than you might think! In fact, infants should be seen by a dentist for the first time between six months to a year old.

During this crucial time in your child's development, the primary teeth are beginning to erupt. This makes it an ideal time to spot any developing problems before they become big concerns.

Dental Services for Kids

At Sussex Dental Clinic, our services can be tailored to meet your child's oral health needs, and keep their smile healthy.

Preventative Dental Services

Visiting the dentist for regular exams and cleanings when your child is young will help preserve the primary teeth until they are ready to fall out and be replaced by the permanent teeth. During each appointment, we will review proper oral hygiene techniques to ensure your child's smile is getting the proper care at home.

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Restorative Dental Services

If your child is at risk of tooth decay, develops a cavity, or is experiencing misalignment issues, your dentist may also recommend restorative treatments such as dental fillings or dental crowns.

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Children's Dental Services, Sussex Dentist

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